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USB 3.1-Type-C Cable

USB Type-C Male to USB-A 3.0 Male Cable - 0.8Feet(0.25 Meters) - colorful - Connection MasBook, Chromebook Pixel, Galaxy Note 7,etc.
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  • ●Connect USB Type-C enabled devices (MacBook,Chromebook Pixel, etc.) with standard USB Type-A enabled devices (laptops,Wall,etc)
  • ●Ideal for charging and powering USB Type-C enabled devices, as well as syncing data, photos and music.
  • ●Reversible design - easily insert the Type-C connector into any Type-C enabled device (does not matter which side is up).
  • ●Supports safe high-speed charging (5V/3A) and fast data transfer (Up to 5Gbps). Faster than USB 2.0.
  • ●Aluminum housing for safe and reliable charging up to 3A.
  • ●Standard 56kΩ pull-up resistor contained ensures a safe charging.
  • ●Lightweight and convenient, allowing you to charge and transmit at any time and anywhere.
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