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Flat Network Lan patch cords

Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft(15M) White - Flat Internet Network Lan patch cords – Solid Cat6 High Speed Computer wire With clips& Snagless Rj45 Connectors for Router, modem – faster than Cat5e/Cat5 - 50 feet(15M)
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  • ●Cat 6 Ethernet Cable is a flat internet Network lan patch cords cable.
  • ●Flat cables conform better and aremore adhensive than round.
  • ●High Performance Cat6,30 AWG,UL Listed,RJ45 Ethernet Patch Cable provides universal connectivity for LAN network components,
  • ●Such as PCs,computer servers,printers,routers,switch boxes,network media players, Xbox,PS, Gaming, POE device,NAS,VoIP phones.
  • ●Cat 6 standard provides performance of up to 250 MHz and is suitable for fast Ethernet,Gigabit Ethernet,10-Gigabit Ethernet.
  • ●UTP patch cable with RJ45 gold-plated Connectors and are made of 100% bare copper wire, ensure minimal noise and interference.
  • ●Flexible and concealed: Very thin wire, you could run this anywhere,after you installed it, it is hard to find and save space.
  • ●Optional length: 10m(32ft), 12M(39ft), 15m(49ft), 1M(0.3ft), 20m(65ft), 25m(82ft), 2M(6ft), 30M(98ft), etc.
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