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DVI to DVI Dual Link Cable

DVI to DVI Dual Link Cable [10 ft(3M)] DVI-D 24+1 High Resolution (2560x1600) Digital Video Connection with Ferrite Core & Double Shielding
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  • ●HD VIDEO CONNECTOR: Connect your computer DVD player or other DVI device with monitors, HDTVs, projectors etc.
  • ●You can enjoy HD, 3D and 2560x1600 resolution. Multiple cord lengths available for your digital video extension
  • ●DOUBLE SHIELDING: Alu mylar foil and thick aluminium braiding for maximum protection from interference.
  • ● And a strong signal through the ferrite core and oxygen free copper wires to achieve the highest quality visual display.
  • ●OXYGEN FREE COPPER WIRING: Provides maximum signal power and efficiency and reduces strain to extend the lifetime of the cable.
  • ●Our DVI cable can handle high bandwidth for all your HD video needs.
  • ●Corrosion resistant 24K gold plating minimizes interference,and screw-in connectors provide the best possible,sturdy connection
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